Hello world!

chanel-paper-bagAfter throwing away the 3rd pair of shoes I got 2 months ago, I had a thought – nothing bloody lasts these days! It’s not that everything was better 20 odd years ago, but it’s really annoying when the sweater got bubbly after the first wash, it’s always cold in a pair of synthetic leggings  and it goes…I can’t even remember when was the last time I saw something made from at least 50% of wool or 100% cotton! Yes, we all know that economic growth has been on a regular business agenda for a while now and, in simple terms, making the goods lower quality to make us buy even more was a brilliant solution to keep the wheels going. With my nearly-degree-in-economics I could get into an endless chat about the ‘supply side’ of things, however, I decided that it’s time to start promoting quality and fashion that lasts. And, speaking in economics terms, hopefully getting to do something about the ‘demand side’ of things.


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